We consider the sea nature’s treasure trove and we gladly pass it on to the generations to come. For this reason we think that the future of fisheries very important. Sustainability is paramount in our own business and in our trade.

Quality marks SGS-NL-MSC-C-0345

We also carry a number of sustainable quality marks. These apply strict standards to prevent overfishing, save the environment and ensure proper management of the sea and fish stocks.

1. We supply fish with the quality mark of Friend of the Sea.
2. Part of our range is MSC certified.
3. In consultation with the customer, we take into account the seasons as much as possible.

Maxima Seafood

Sustainable fishing

We buy almost daily from smaller day-boats that fish in a sustainable way. Due to their way of fishing the seabed is conserved. Also, the boats consume significantly less fuel. This is a well-considered choice because we’re very aware of our place in nature.