Speed of action, that’s what it’s all about in the dynamic world of fishing. This especially applies to the purchase of all imaginable types of fish. As a modern fish processing company, Maxima Seafood is a specialist.

Dutch fish auctions

As a Dutch fish processor of course we buy from Dutch fish auctions. Where else? Both North Sea fish (including cod, sole, turbot and plaice) and also freshwater fish (such as eels and pike perch).


Every fish species you want

Whatever species of fish you want, we have it. Thanks to our global network, we can buy any type of fish you’re looking for and of course shellfish.

Closer to home, like in Scandinavia and Iceland, we buy almost every day from regular partners with whom we’ve been working for many years. Logistically we’re also in the right place, near the port city of Rotterdam, Europe’s port for deep-frozen fish.

Maxima Seafood